Big Spender?

It’s been a long time coming. You know your school has needed an injection of ICT investment for a long time. You have secured the funds, requested quotations, and you have “done” your due diligence.

You’re Ready to Make the ICT Investment

The two questions that you should ask are:

  • What does your school really need?
  • How should you go about getting it?

As senior management, a headteacher, or even a governor, you may have a very good idea about what your school needs. You should certainly know the challenges your staff and students are facing. But does this qualify you to make decisions about the best way to solve such challenges?

Perhaps you have a perfectly competent ICT Coordinator or Network Manager. He or she may be very good at these things. Or perhaps as a member of senior management you have done your own research, and taken some good advice from a close, trusted source of your own for good measure. You may even have carefully reviewed the documents sent to you by a solutions provider and compared the offering with those of another.

If either of the above apply, and your investment is in the order of tens of thousands of pounds (or even less, for that matter), now is a very good time to stop – until you’ve taken further advice.

Press Pause – Take Further Advice

It’s not simply enough to know what your staff need. They need new gear? Your network needs a new server? Your school still doesn’t have proper wireless? Of course you know what the challenges are. But unless you have taken independent advice already, there is a good chance you will get your solution wrong. If you are being advised by the companies who are selling to you then this should be a big red flag.

If you are about to throw big investment at your big ICT problems then it can turn out to be a game of risk unless you’re experienced in IT Purchasing.

We offer a free, one-off written appraisal of your purchasing plans. Kind of like a strategy review, before you press the red button. No strings – and we’ll tell you the truth!

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